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Chris Tetrault |  May 7, 2022 | No Comments

Thunder Chickens – Ohio

This last week Team MN partnered up with Team Colorado and assisted with a trip to Ohio to help staff a Hometown Hero Outdoors turkey hunt. What a blast it was. Not only did I meet two great guys (member) Denny Tuck and (guide) John Dittrich, but we also got to hunt turkey in the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains.
In Ohio for the first two weeks of the season they only allow for you to hunt until 12pm. So we had our work cut out for us. I was able to secure permission on private piece of property and met two awesome people, the owner and the guy who usually hunt. They were happy to help in the situation and give us a couple days to chase longbeards.
On day 2 of 3 for hunting and our first day on the private land, Denny smacked a giant bird! 12” beard, 1.5”+ spurs and just shy of 23 lbs. He may think he was the happiest but he had a lot of competition between the rest of us including the landowner.
Day 3 came and I’m going home after our hunt no matter what happens. With less than 180 seconds in the Ohio trip I sealed the deal! 9 7/8” beard, 3/4” spurs, and just shy of 21lbs.
What an adventure it was and I made two great friends!


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