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Service Members

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These are the men and women who actively protect us every day.

They are away from home for weeks, months, and even years at a time. They put their lives on hold, missing friends and family birthdays, weddings, and so much more. They do all of this with the sole intention of keeping our country safe and free. Unfortunately, when they come home, they often suffer from depression, anxiety. In very worst-case scenarios, they experience PTSD from the tragedies they witnessed and the life-threatening experiences they faced.

Upon their return, they must have a robust support system, whether it’s only for a short time between assignments or a more extended leave period. This support system should help them reconnect with civilian life, allow them to rest and recuperate from their experiences, and encourage mental health assistance if necessary.

Did You Know. . ?

Our military personnel is put through an incredible amount of stress and pressure, whether on active duty or in the Reserve and National Guard. From training, isolation from friends and family, and the ever-rising intensity of the climate, they rarely get time to take a break to unwind, relax, and heal from any trauma they’ve dealt with.

In addition to the stress and pressures they face during their service, the transition from active training or deployment to their “normal” life as a civilian can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Many have difficulties going back and forth between these two lifestyles.
Military suicide rates are at an all-time high
30% of active and reserve military personnel have mental health conditions
There have been 106 military personnel deaths in 2021
14-16% of individuals deployed have depression or PTSD

When you support Hometown Hero Outdoors, you also help these men and women that could benefit from a safe and relaxing outdoor adventure. In addition, through these planned activities, we can give them the opportunity to connect with others who have similar experiences and struggles.

We encourage you to make a donation today or consider volunteering your time to assist us in getting our Service Members into the outdoors. (Contact Us  for additional information) so that we can continue to make a difference in the lives of Service Members throughout our nation.

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