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Who We Serve


Veterans face many challenges upon returning to civilian life.

Many experience difficulty adjusting to life at home because they experienced traumatic events while serving their country. Veterans often deal with conflict, pain, and isolation, and they are more likely to be diagnosed with psychiatric disorders than non-veterans. They are also less likely to have health insurance and more likely than non-veterans to commit suicide (13.5% compared to 7.9%), be homeless, less educated, and be much more likely to end up in prison than in prison non-veterans.

Hometown Hero Outdoors is dedicated to offering direct support for veterans by providing opportunities to relax, be themselves, and connect with other like-minded individuals. If you’d like to learn more about how your contributions will be used to assist veterans, click the button below.
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First Responders

Over the past several years, being a member of first responders has become even more dangerous than ever before. For example, in 2020, there were 383 line-of-duty deaths, while as of October 2021, there were 402.

When it comes to protecting our communities from harm, sacrificing their safety for the sake of others is the priority of every law enforcement officer.

Our mission is to give back a small token of our appreciation for the risks they take and their daily sacrifices by giving them a chance to unwind, relax and have a fun and safe outdoor adventure. Use the button below to learn more about how you can further our mission.
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Service Members

The men and women actively serving in the military rarely receive the appreciation and gratitude they deserve. They are frequently placed in new environments that prevent them from getting outdoors, relaxing, and maintaining consistent friendships, relationships, or positive social interactions. With each move they make, they have to find new friends, adjust to a new environment, and form a brand new routine while maintaining their high work tempo.

It takes a special kind of person to be able to take on this responsibility, someone who cares enough about others to put their life at risk every day. Giving back to these heroic men and women through recreation activities will help them find balance in their lives.

Providing them with an opportunity to unwind and connect with others in a fun outdoor adventure setting can be the respite they need to continue in their life and freedom-protecting endeavors. Click the button below to learn more about how you can help us in our mission to support them.
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