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New England Black Bear Hunt With Hounds

The New England chapter of HHO got Adam Hersey out on a hound hunt for a black bear on October 9, 2022. Staffing this hunt was the New England Director, David Gray and Assistant Director, Brendan Brack. The hunt started with the striker hound being brought into an overgrown apple orchard that had been known to have bears in it in the past as soon as hunting time occurred. Within minutes the dog was on a cold track, which turned into a hot one.

Once the dog was in pursuit, it was time to follow the dog via GPS and drive around to cut the bear off from crossing the road. Within 20 minutes of the dog being let loose the bear was treed not too far into the woods. Adam was able to place a shot on the bear, and it bailed from the tree, and the hunt was on again. This time the dogs had the bear treed again within minutes about 550 yards away. After following the GPS and the hounds barking, Adam was able to harvest his first black bear. From the time the hunt started to when the bear was loaded into the truck, it only took 1.5 hours.

This was a quick and amazing hunt that was action packed. A huge thank you goes out Heino’s Hound Dogs for getting the bear treed twice and supporting HHO with this hunt and getting Adam his first black bear.


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