David Gray |  January 22, 2023 | No Comments

Minnesota Late Season Waterfowl Hunt

Team Minnesota partnered with BlackLeg Outfitters LLC for a two-day late-season Waterfowl hunt in Central Iowa.
The first day was a struggle, but one member shot their first banded Bird this trip, which turned out to be a double-banded bird! Another member shot their first goose ever on this trip.
Day two was a lot more successful hunting day. The wind blew fast right from their backs with a cold morning temperature. That forced the birds to get up off their roost and come out to feed multiple times during the morning. They ended the day at noon with a 6-man limit of geese.
A massive shout-out to Blackleg Outfitters LLC for the donated/discounted hunt and lodge! We also want to thank McGregor VFW for their donation to this trip!


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