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David Gray |  November 6, 2022 | No Comments

Colorado Silkies Hike

Team Colorado field staff Maureen got some members out on a hike with Irreverent Warriors.
This her story about that awesome day.
"I had the opportunity to pair up with irreverent warriors on the silkies hike this weekend. Made some new friends and got a new HHO member out. Irreverent warriors are about
bringing veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide. This group was a great example of not leaving anyone behind, a lot of my health issues have recently flared and I'm still recovering from being sick so I had to stop some on the way up castle rock mountain. Few checked on me but I had my own dancing vet in silkies motivating me to keep moving. We hiked all over doing several miles and had stops for games and refreshments. I look forward to doing more events like this and teaming up with them."


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