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Colorado River Float

Colorado State Director Shawn Buckendahl and 3 HHO members met up with river guide Amy Duncan on July 30th at Colorado River Center located at Rancho del Rio at 9 AM for a day on the Colorado River. The river at this point is controlled by discharges from Green Mountain Reservoir and Windy Gap Reservoir. They shuttled up to Pumphouse Recreation Area, which is just below the mighty Gore Canyon, to prep the boat and receive their safety briefing. They launched at 10 AM and began their day trip on the water. Sights included Radium Hot Springs, which were being flushed by the river due to relatively high flows and a beautiful run down the Red Gorge canyon. They stopped river side to refuel with a quick lunch, rest and comrade. The trip ended at Rancho Del Rio, where across the river they made a short hike up to see dinosaur tracks created many years ago when the land was flat and swampy, preserved as rock and pushed up by various geological forces that helped to create the Rocky Mountains and canyons associated with them. Following the short hike, the crew crossed back over the river to turn in gear and depart for home about 3:30. Everyone had a great time learning some of the local history that Amy presented.


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