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David Gray |  January 22, 2023 | No Comments

Colorado Blue Mesa Ice Fishing

Team Colorado kicked off ice fishing season with a trip to Blue Mesa last weekend. Through a series of unfortunate events (illnesses and flat tires), only one member, Shane, was actually able to join field staffer Chris, on the early ice fun.
They had a solid 8 inches of ice covered with some wind swept snow. It was an absolutely beautiful blue sky day with temperatures in the mid to upper 20's with virtually no wind.
Due of time constraints, time had to be cut short but they capitalized on every minute catching 15 to 20 trout.
Shane managed a 3 species day catching rainbow and brown trout before ending the day with his personal best lake trout. It was definitely a fun day. Chris and Shane became fast friends and will be fishing together quiet a bit after Shane gets relocated to the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado!


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