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Chris Tetrault |  September 10, 2023 | No Comments

A Memorable Sandhill Crane Hunting Weekend Hosted by Texas Field Staff Lance Stump with Caprock Waterfowl

In December, Texas Field Staff Lance Stump orchestrated an unforgettable weekend in collaboration with Caprock Waterfowl, based in Tahoka, Texas. The mission? Sandhill crane hunting—an experience that left a lasting impression on every member who attended. Thanks to the expertise of Jonathan Underwood and his skilled guides, each participant had the opportunity to harvest and take home their limit of these magnificent birds. Sandhill cranes, often referred to as "The ribeye of the sky," lived up to their delicious reputation, making this hunting adventure all the more special. Members from Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas united for this remarkable experience.

A First-Time Crane Hunt:
For every member in attendance, this was their inaugural crane hunting expedition. The excitement was palpable as we ventured into the captivating landscapes of Tahoka, Texas, ready to take on the challenge of hunting these remarkable birds.

Expertly Guided Decoying:
Under the guidance of Jonathan Underwood and his team of professional guides, we were in capable hands. The guides' expertise and knowledge allowed them to decoy the wary Sandhill cranes into our spread. Each member had the opportunity to take a shot, ensuring that everyone went home with their limit of cranes. The experience of watching these majestic birds descend into our decoy spread was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

"The Ribeye of the Sky":
For those unfamiliar with the culinary delight that is Sandhill crane, they are often affectionately referred to as "The ribeye of the sky." Their reputation as a delectable game bird certainly lived up to expectations. The flavor and quality of crane meat left us all in awe, making it a memorable addition to our hunting experience.

A Multistate Gathering:
This hunting weekend was not just about the pursuit of Sandhill cranes; it was also an opportunity for members from Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas to come together. The shared adventure created lasting bonds and friendships that extended beyond the hunt, enriching the overall experience.

Texas Field Staff Lance Stump's collaboration with Caprock Waterfowl in Tahoka, Texas, for the Sandhill crane hunt was a resounding success. This first-time crane hunting adventure left our members with unforgettable memories, delicious rewards, and newfound camaraderie. We look forward to more such adventures in the future and to celebrating the unique joys of hunting and the great outdoors.


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