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Dan Meyer |  March 13, 2023 | No Comments

2022 – A Year in Review

The entire year of 2022 was a remarkable year for Hometown Hero Outdoors. With the help of over 130 dedicated volunteers, the organization was able to host 229 trips and get over 1300 of our nation's heroes out into the great outdoors.

Throughout the year, Hometown Hero Outdoors hosted a variety of trips, including fishing, hunting, and camping trips. These trips provided currently serving military, veterans, and first responders (including law enforcement, fire, and ems) with the opportunity to connect with nature, build camaraderie, and escape the stresses of everyday life.

While every trip is memorable, some new trips this year stick out to us:

The elk hunting trips in Colorado and Montana are inspiring, as these states are known for their large elk populations and beautiful mountain scenery. These trips provided participants with an unforgettable hunting experience and an opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

The bear hunting trip in the White Mountain region of New Hampshire is also noteworthy, as it is known for its rugged terrain and densely forested areas, making it an excellent location for bear hunting. Participants on this trip had to navigate challenging terrain and work together as a team to hunt bears successfully.

The alligator hunting trip is another unique opportunity that Hometown Hero Outdoors provides. Alligator hunting is a popular sport in the southern United States, and this trip allowed participants to experience this thrilling adventure firsthand. The Sandhill cranes trip with Caprock Waterfowl is also noteworthy. Sandhill cranes are a migratory bird species that are popular among hunters alike. This trip allowed participants to witness the beauty of these birds and the natural landscapes where they live.

Finally, the sled dog trip in northern Minnesota is an excellent example of the unique experiences that Hometown Hero Outdoors provides. Sled dog racing and mushing is a popular winter sports in northern climates, and this trip allowed participants to learn about and participate in this exciting activity.

Overall, the variety of trips and experiences that Hometown Hero Outdoors provided in 2022 is impressive and shows the organization's commitment to providing our nation's heroes with unforgettable outdoor adventures.

In addition to hosting trips, Hometown Hero Outdoors also worked to raise awareness about the importance of getting into the outdoors. The organization attended several community events throughout the year, including various outdoor shows, chamber of commerce meetings, and much more, where they talked to the public about the benefits of spending time in nature and the services that Hometown Hero Outdoors provides.

We all at Hometown Hero Outdoors are dedicated to furthering our service to those we serve; we introduced Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) for our Field Staff. This training allows us also to offer other resources and services to support veterans and first responders in their daily lives. These include mental health support and peer-to-peer mentoring.

Looking forward to the future, Hometown Hero Outdoors is excited to continue its mission of getting those we serve into the outdoors. With the help of their dedicated volunteers and the community's support, they hope to host even more trips in the coming year and reach even more of our nation's heroes in need.

Overall, 2022 was a fantastic year for Hometown Hero Outdoors. Through their tireless efforts, the organization was able to provide our nation's heroes with unforgettable outdoor experiences and positively impact their lives. We look forward to seeing all that we will accomplish in the years to come with the support of our Board of Directors, Field Staff, volunteer guides and outfitters, businesses, and community members.

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