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Officer Matson King Eider Hunt

On January 6th, 2020, Waseca, Minnesota Police Officer Arik Matson's life was changed as he was shot in the head in the line of duty.

This tragic event has not only had a tremendous impact on Arik but it’s also affected his wife and two children. During his recovery, he was transported to many different hospitals and eventually settled in Nebraska for the remainder of his recovery.

While he’s making tremendous progress and is physically healing quite well, there is one thing he is missing (aside from doing the "normal" things a husband, father, and officer enjoys), and that is being outdoors. He has missed one of his favorite pastimes, hunting specifically.

This is where Hometown Hero Outdoors steps in. We offered him the trip of a lifetime - one of his choosing wherever he wanted to venture. After a long debate with himself between a bear hunt in Canada or a waterfowl hunt, he ultimately settled on waterfowl hunting. However, he didn’t want to hunt just any waterfowl. Instead, he set his sights on the prized King Eider, and there is no better place in the world for that other than St. Paul Island in Alaska.

HHO has pledged to make this hunt happen for him in order to give him another thing to look forward to through his recovery process. We’ve recruited Rogue Productions to document Officer Matson's recovery and journey to Alaska. In turn, we will be producing a documentary in cooperation with Rogue that will be released in late 2022.

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Matson Strong

To say that Arik’s life was forever changed on that fateful day in January would be an understatement. Not only is it absolutely miraculous that he survived his injuries, but his perseverance to a full recovery, both physically and mentally, is truly inspirational. HHO is honored to offer him this opportunity, and we’d like to extend our personal gratitude to everyone who has donated so far or generally sponsored him on this planned trip.
If you would like to pledge for Arik or become one of his sponsors, use the links below to get started.

Our Gallery

Here are just a few photos of Arik, his family, and the recovery journey he’s been on over the past nearly two years. We look forward to being able to post images from his upcoming hunt and encourage you to keep an eye out for updates!

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are the ones that are truly making this dream hunt for Officer Matson take place, we are simply the facilitators. Without the support of everyone involved, we would not be able to make this hunt possible for him. If you would like to assist, please contact - [email protected]

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