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South Dakota is a great place to hunt and fish. With its many lakes and rivers, the state offers ample opportunities for both activities. The state is home to several species of game and waterfowl, so there's definitely something for everyone. If you're more interested in fishing, South Dakota has plenty to offer as well, thanks to its many lakes and rivers and the variety of fish that call it home. So whether you're a hunter or a fisherman (or both), our South Dakota HHO chapter will help you design the perfect outdoor adventure for you!
There are around 57,500 veterans currently residing in South Dakota
There are a little over 2,800 active military personnel currently residing in South Dakota
There are a little over 1,600 law enforcement officers currently serving in South Dakota

Texas Lone Star Heroes

When                 :  September 30, 2023 | 18:00 - 22:00
Where                :  Pedrotti's Ranch, Helotes, TX
Presented by    :  Lonestar Pools & Veteran Air

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