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Dakota Angler Ice Institute

Presented by

Sioux Falls Arena,
Sioux Falls, SD

Friday 11/11/2022-11/13/2022

The Dakota Angler Ice Institute was started in 2008 to give ice fishermen an opportunity to see the latest and greatest in the ice fishing industry, but also learn from the experts on how to use the equipment. What once started as an event that attracted a small number of people has grown into the second largest ice fishing show in the Nation. Throughout the years, the Ice Institute has a had a number of professors share their knowledge with those that have attended. A few of those professors or speakers include, the "Godfather" of ice fishing - Dave Genz, Jason Mitchell, Chip Leer, Brad Hawthorne, Dennis Kassube, Brian Brosdahl, and many, many more.

Stop by and visit us, booth #33. Merchandise and special raffle tickets available for purchase!

We look forward to seeing you there.

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